Why wedge pillow

Why Wedge Pillows is best?


Special triangle-shaped pillows called wedge pillows elevate the top portion of your body while you sleep. You should be able to sleep better as a result, but they may also aid with some health problems. They are built of diverse materials and are available in various sizes.


What Wedge Pillows Are Used For

Many sleep and health conditions may be helped by using a wedge-shaped pillow.

Acid reflux

Stomach acid runs back into your esophagus, the tube that joins your stomach and mouth if you have reflux disease or GERD. Nighttime is frequently worse. This happens as a result of acid backing up, which makes you cough and feel like you're choking.

With the aid of gravity, these cushions encourage acid to pass through your throat and into your stomach. The symptoms of reflux may be less severe if you sleep with your head elevated at an angle.


Sinus Problems

Also, keeping your head and shoulders at an angle can aid in sinus drainage. When you have a cold or the flu and are stuffy, a slanted pillow may help you sleep better or relieve sinus pressure.


Snoring and sleep apnea

When sleeping in a semi-upright position, people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which causes breathing to stop intermittently while they sleep, frequently experience better health. Elevating the head and upper body is thought to maintain the airways open, hence assisting in the prevention of breathing disturbances.

Snoring can also be avoided by sleeping with your head pushed up on a wedge pillow: The National Sleep Foundation estimates that 45% of adults snore, and 50% of those who snore do so as a result of having sleep apnea.

Glaucoma and eye pressure

The visual cortex in your eye could get damaged as a result of glaucoma. With time, it gets worse. Usually, the cause is an increase in intraocular pressure. Typically, glaucoma runs in families. Usually, it doesn't manifest until much later in life.

An increase in intraocular pressure can harm the optic nerve, which transmits images from the eye to the brain. Within a few years, glaucoma can lead to total blindness or irreversible vision loss.

Most people with glaucoma don't experience discomfort or other early warning symptoms. Regular eye exams allow your eye doctor to detect and treat glaucoma before it causes long-term vision loss.


Popular Ways to Use Wedge Pillows

Upright for reclining.

The wedge can be positioned vertically. (with the thinnest part of the wedge at the top) against the headboard for those who enjoy reading or watching TV in bed. This gives the spine good support and the ideal ergonomic angle.


Gentle slope for side and back sleeping.

The wedge can be positioned horizontally on the mattress for both back and side sleepers to create a moderate slope that lifts the upper part of the body while keeping the remainder of the body comfortable.


Under the knees.

Want to improve leg circulation and get lower back pain relief? With the pillow sliding away from your body, place the wedge's tallest point under your knees.


On your lap.

The wedge can be put on the lap providing a slight but comfortable slope for those who like to use their laptop in bed for work or streaming video.