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  • Soft and silky rayon from bamboo wicks away moisture making it ideal for sensitive skin
  • Patent-pending Duv8t fastening system has 8 corner and side loops instead of the traditional 4
  • Set includes one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams
  • Pair with our compatible Woven comforter for the best fitting duvet cover
  • Best fitting duvet cover

Shop Woven Rayon from Driftwood Brown Bamboo Duvet Set

Do you want to add a touch of luxury to your bedding? Then, get our newest addition to our elegant bedding collection, the WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - DRIFTWOOD. With light and airy Bamboo fibers, this gorgeous white, immaculate duvet cover is expertly created to give you silky softness every night. Because of its hypoallergenic Bamboo fiber reinforcements, it resists bacterial growth and helps you sleep better every night. Visit our Woven White Bamboo Duvet Set for an extra-soft comforter with our bamboo duvet cover.


  • Bamboo wicks away moisture 
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • The patent-pending Duvet fastening system 
  • Eco-friendly construction 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eight corner and side loops instead of the usual four
  • The set includes one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams
  • Best-fitting duvet cover

Ultra-Light Airy Feel

This well-woven bamboo duvet covers envelope you in remarkably delicate softness and whisper-soft airiness. Our Bamboo fiber additions combine with the fine Rayon weave to create an incredibly plushy sleeping surface. Furthermore, these premium Rayon duvets' elegant, glossy exterior matches any decor thanks to their subdued color scheme and sumptuous appeal.

A Heavenly Breathability

You need to look no further if you hate sweating under a blanket. Our luxurious brown bamboo duvet covers include a dainty Rayon weave that forms a structure akin to a light mesh. This weave's maximum airflow, exceptional breathability, and moisture or sweat buildup prevention ensure your comforter smells excellent every night. You don't feel like sleeping on a pile of clothes because they are as light as air.

An Eden For Skin Sensitive

Are you experiencing skin irritation from the cheap, rough duvet cover? Substitute it with our hypoallergenic Bamboo duvet covers. Bamboo is made entirely of organic materials. The strands from real bamboo trees are flattened and woven into the cover’s structure. Bamboo feels wonderfully soft on the skin because it is synthetically made from natural materials. In addition, it prevents allergen accumulation and bacterial growth to maintain the safety and wellness of your skin.

What Makes This Duvet Cover Worth Buying?

  • For Environment Conscious: Bamboo is a naturally occurring material whose production uses very few resources and produces very little chemical waste. So, get a duvet cover made of biodegradable materials to lighten your body and mind. 
  • Purchase the Entire Set: This set includes two ornamental pillow shams and a bamboo duvet cover. It will add a rich, well-rounded vibe to your bedroom decor. 
  • Tight Enclosure: This is your best bet if you're sick of replacing the slippery covet bet. This high-quality duvet cover boasts an effective fastening method and eight corner loops rather than the standard four. Despite all the throwing, it clings tightly to comfort.


1. How is bamboo cloth manufactured?

Harvesting mature bamboo stalks is the first step in making bamboo bedding. The stalks are then chopped and pulped to soften the fibers. This pulped bamboo is spun into soft fibers to rayon or cotton and woven into sheets, pillows, and other bedding products.

2. How do you find the perfect duvet cover size?

Determine the size of your bed (Single, Double, King, or Super King) before choosing the right duvet size. Measure the length and width of your mattress, making any required adjustments for the depth. To ensure a good fit, match the size of the duvet to the size of your bed. To decide on weight and warmth preferences, consider the fill material. Ensure the duvet fits your bed correctly by measuring it when it arrives and checking its dimensions before purchasing.