WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - RAIN - beddingbag.com
WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - RAIN - beddingbag.com
WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - RAIN - beddingbag.com
WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET - RAIN - beddingbag.com


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  • Soft and silky rayon from bamboo wicks away moisture making it ideal for sensitive skin
  • Patent-pending Duv8t fastening system has 8 corner and side loops instead of the traditional 4
  • Set includes one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams
  • Pair with our compatible Woven comforter for the best fitting duvet cover
  • Best fitting duvet cover

Shop Woven Rayon from Rain Blue Bamboo Duvet Set

Are you looking for a lavish duvet set to adorn your classy bedroom? We have an excellent option for you: our WOVEN RAYON DUVET SET—RAIN. It is a beautiful blend of lush Rayon weave and purely organic bamboo fibers that are promised to offer featherlight softness and a light, airy, gentle caress against the skin. You will sleep all night comfortably knowing that this Bamboo duvet set is hypoallergenic and prevents nasty bacterial or sweat build-up, ensuring optimal sleep hygiene. If you want to turn around your sleeping experience completely, head to our Woven Rayon from White Bamboo Duvet Set for a complementing comforter.


  • Bamboo wicks away moisture 
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • The patent-pending Duvet fastening system 
  • Eco-friendly construction 
  • Hypoallergic
  • Eight corner and side loops instead of the usual 4
  • The set includes one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams
  • Best-fitting duvet cover

Feather-Light Fluffiness

Sleep in light, airy bliss each night with our ultra-soft Woven Bamboo duvet cover. It features classic rayon mesh and light Bamboo fibers that provide silky smoothness. Moreover, its beautiful appearance complements every decor, minimalistic or fancy. It is a perfect choice if you want to sleep swaddled by a cloud-like light fabric all night. 

Ideal Temperature Regulation

If you hate the stinky smell of sweat that breaks out on warm and toasty nights, you need to switch to our ever-refreshing Bamboo duvet covers. We have made it with a delicate ultra-light Rayon weave that allows optimal airflow alongside the reinforcement of Bamboo fibers. They will enable the comforter to ventilate and prevent overheating or sweat build-up.

Don’t Fear Allergens Anymore

Who likes scratchy synthetic material against their skin? That’s why our hypoallergenic Bamboo duvet sets are made with extreme care and organic material that prevents allergen build-up. Moreover, its natural fibers are incredibly gentle against the skin, making it ideal for sensitive people. Also, it has a highly breathable mesh-like structure, which discourages micro bacterial growth.

Why Should You Buy This Duvet Cover?

  • Eco-friendly Construction: Eco-friendly products are in new demand these days. We fulfill this demand responsibly by using as minimal resources as possible to manufacture Bamboo duvet covers. Moreover, most of our raw material comes from plants, making it biodegradable and easy to process. You can buy it guilt-free!
  • Extra String Closures: Does your comforter clump up or keep slipping for the cover? With our Bamboo Duvet cover, it won’t happen again because we are bringing forth a patent-pending efficient fastening system that contains eight loops to perfectly hold your duvet firmly. 
  • Includes Pillow Sham: This Bamboo cover comes in a set with two pillow shams. These shams are intricately crafted to provide a stylish look and an opulent feel to your bedding.


1. What keeps bamboo sheets odorless?

Bamboo's inherent qualities inhibit bacterial growth, which causes odor, as it is naturally anti-bacterial. Bacterial growth is inhibited by bamboo kun, an antibacterial compound in bamboo fibers. Studies show that bamboo fibers' ability to absorb and release moisture makes them hygroscopic or odor-repellent.

2. How sustainable are bamboo sheets?

Cotton and bamboo are great options for anyone who cares about the environment. They have disadvantages: Bamboo requires substantial resource use for regeneration, whereas cotton requires more processing resources.